Our story

The F.lli Restivo Bakery was founded in 2010, from the desire and initiative of a father, who, after working all his life as a baker in a company, decided that the time had come to try to set up on his own.
Obviously, the support of his children was essential to make it all happen, and so, leaving aside the various difficulties encountered in setting it all up, in March 2010 everything became reality and the story of F.lli Restivo Bakery began.
The sacrifice, dedication and desire of all the members was enormous, but satisfaction was not long in coming. The customers’ appreciation for the products was immediate, the amount of work increased incredibly and the work was obviously carried out with more desire and more satisfaction.

We continued like this until 2019. 2019 was a very important year for the company. In fact, a few years earlier, the warehouses in front of the same business, which until then had been rented, were purchased. And so, in January 2018, the big step was taken: the Restivo bakery was enlarged, and in the new warehouses, around 330 metres in size, production activities are obviously carried out more comfortably, given the ample floor space, and obviously it is possible to produce many more things.

The company’s ambition is to continue growing, learning and satisfying each and every customer with the constant desire to get involved and constantly improve.

Who we are

The F.lli Restivo Bakery is a family-run business that obviously relies on the collaboration of a few employees.
The person in charge of the pastry shop is Carmelo Restivo, who, with his infinite passion for this activity, has practically done it himself, obviously with the help of courses he has attended in which the great masters of Sicilian pastry-making were present, some examples being master Peppe Leotta or master Giovanni Cappello, whose teachings have enabled him to refine his techniques.
Thanks to him, the company is able to produce Easter eggs, “Panettoni” and “Colombe”, almond pastries, an infinite variety of biscuits, tarts, parfaits and much, much more.
Instead, the person in charge of the rotisserie and gastronomy is Giuseppe Restivo, always under the watchful eye of his father Lorenzo and his mother Maria, who never cease to dispense excellent advice. In fact, it is a well-known fact that ‘old chickens make the best soup’.

It all stems from the immense passion of this boy, who, while observing his father, quickly learned the art of kneading, the hydration of the dough itself, and the slow and effective rising of the sourdough starter. The products made available are countless, from the various types of bread (at least ten), to breadsticks, to the vastness of the rotisserie, the company’s strong point, breakfast with croissants, pastries, always hot and ready to be enjoyed comfortably in our dining room, and finally the gastronomy with first courses, main courses, side dishes and various appetisers.
In short, the customer only has to come in, observe, and choose, in the knowledge that those who run this business will always put quality, commitment, and the desire to always improve in order to give the end consumer the very best.